Security by Effect © Assessment

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Organisations know that security is a strategic enterprise risk that goes far beyond cyber security. If left uncontrolled and unreviewed, security breaches can affect product integrity, business operations, regulatory compliance, investor confidence, brand reputation and the overall customer experience. Executives have a significant responsibility to reassure customers, stakeholders and employees that appropriate safeguards are in place. The security landscape and the array of threats are not new, but the speed at which the threats evolve and attack again is changing. Effective security systems are demanded by consumers, government buyers and corporate partners alike, as a qualifier for business, lucrative contracts or partnerships. With the existence of such demands, businesses must decide on their security risk appetite and how they wish to mitigate and respond to security and business continuity threats. A number of questions should be considered.

• What is your security strategy?

• Do you need support in assessing the performance of your security systems?

• Are you looking to improve the security maturity and culture within your organisation?

• Would you like to gain a better understanding of the varied regulatory requirements?

• Are you looking to prepare for evolving security threats?

• Are you looking to identify where you are in comparison to your peers?