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High Performing Leaders

Updated: Jan 28

High Performing teams are influenced by their leaders. behaviours displayed by these individuals influences whether they become high performing leaders


High performing leaders create a desire within others, to constantly improve and to excel. They create a work environment within which individuals look to the leader for guidance and as an exemplar of performance. This followership is fundamental to high performing teams.


High performing leaders set targets and objectives, which are challenging. High performing teams are developed and identified during challenging periods. Such times result in adaption within individuals and teams, to overcome challenges


In addition to inspiring teams and individuals, high performing leaders are able to adopt appropriate communication styles, to resolve internal conflicts and to encourage cooperation. Overcoming differences within teams results in the development increased levels of trust within teams, which is crucial to the development of high performing teams.


High performing leaders lead by example and do not ask of others, what they are not prepared to do themselves. Integrity within high performing leaders encourages trust within teams. Team members should be confident that a high performing leader does the right thing, even when no one is watching.

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