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 Train & Protect


The development of greater security-mindedness and vigilance across a workforce can act as a security and business resilience force multiplier, mitigating against a range of threats that could cause physical, reputational or financial damage to your organisation.

Revisiting traditional security and risk management frameworks, while introducing new innovative approaches to building and protecting competitive advantage, the ERG approach to developing a positive and proactive security culture considers the set of values, shared by everyone in your organisation, which collectively determine how your workforce is expected to think about and approach security. Getting your security culture right can help to develop a security-conscious workforce and promote the desired behaviours that you want from your staff.

Ever-changing geopolitical and commercial climates, pose significant challenges to leaders. ERG can draw on our experience of leading organisations through crises, to help you to develop resilient employees, teams and an organisation that is prepared to respond to change. 


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