Protection System: Knowledge

  • Speakers

    The ERG® team includes experienced public speakers, who can work with you to embed your security culture, through engaging an audience with a range of topics.

    Topics can include;

    · Leadership in Crises

    · Disaster Recovery

    · Personal & Business Resilience

    · Managing Risk​

  • Business Continuity Management

    A course focused upon ISO 22301, where the stages of the process are considered in depth.

  • Security by Effect ©

    Security is an enterprise risk that encompasses an array of threat vectors. The Security by Effect © model enables organisations to remain aware of the ever changing threat landscape and to ensure that the security and recovery systems in place are effective and appropriate.

  • H.E.A.T Training

    Hostile Environment Awareness Training can assist employers to meet the legislative requirement, to ensure that employees are adequately prepared for deployments to locations of increased risk.

  • Business Intelligence

    Intelligence — both information and insights derived from publicly available and private sources shapes business debate and decisions. This course examines roles, missions, and methods of intelligence gathering, and how intelligence can support business operations.

  • Red Teaming

    Red Teaming exercises are used within the security profession, to identify vulnerabilities and to test an organisation's security infrastructure.

    ERG® adopts the process as a means of identifying bottlenecks and leaks within your operational processes, prior to developing and suggesting potential solutions.

  • Personnel Security

    Following an introduction to Insider Risk and examples of it, a protective security approach can be described based on the CPNI PerSec model. This includes seven core elements of effective personnel security processes.

    A. Governance and Leadership

    B. Insider Risk Assessment

    C. Pre-Employment Screening

    D. Ongoing Personnel Security

    E. Monitoring and Assessment of Employees

    F. Investigation and Disciplinary Practices (Response)

    G. Security Culture and Behaviour Change.

  • Security Culture

    Developing and embedding an effective security culture is an essential component of a protective security regime and helps mitigate against a range of threats that could cause physical, reputational or financial damage to organisations.

  • Security Awareness in School

    Cybersecurity is now part of our daily lives and much like learning how to be street-smart, people of all ages rapidly need to learn how to be cyber-smart to stay safe. Much like the security awareness and culture programmes we deliver to the Enterprise, we work with schools to integrate cybersecurity awareness programmes for their staff along with their own initiatives on teaching children how to stay safe online.

  • Security Service Structure

    A course to consider the structure of corporate security services, resourcing, management, and training.

    A. Governance and Leadership

    B. Risk Management

    C. Intelligence

    D. Strategy, Innovation and Testing

    E. Insider Risk, Investigations, Data Loss Prevention

    F. Physical Security and Incident response

    G. Organisational Resilience

    H. Crisis Management

    I. Education

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