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Physical Security

Security in the Built Environment

To achieve the BREEAM exemplary credit, the SABRE 'design stage' or 'as-built' certification (as applicable to the BREEAM assessment stage) must be completed before BREEAM certification. As SABRE Practitioners and Assessors, ERG can help organisations effectively plan security measures in order to protect their built environment from terrorism and other security threats. 


Aligned with ISO 23234: 2021 and the NPSA Security Overlays, ERG can guide and support security deliverables that should be completed at each stage of the project lifecycle, based on RIBA stages.


ERG’ s Security Risk Design (SRD) Framework is used to assess new and existing buildings, infrastructure and space during design, construction, and operations. An SRD assessment supports the design of security solutions that are justified, necessary, proportionate, legal and cost-effective. This risk-based approach supports the achievement of better security outcomes, return on investment, positive security culture and a greater certainty of effect. Such a design system is focused upon the effect resulting from each element of an integrated solution. This commitment to protect people, infrastructure and critical assets provides assurance to stakeholders, demonstrates care for the public and aids regulatory compliance.   

Security by Effect


Event Security

In addition to managing crowd safety, ERG can help to identify threats to facilities and deliver solutions to protect your people, property, and reputation. Contact us early on in your planning phase for events so that we can support you to successfully deliver a safe experience for all.

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