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Crisis Management

Businesses are well aware of the plethora of threats they now face from terrorists and organised criminal groups, in addition to the increasingly unstable social environments they exist in and the unreliable commercial chains they are attached to. The impact of organisational crises caused by such an event has never been stronger. Rather than effectively managing such crises, organisational management structures may, in fact, be responsible for escalating the damage caused.

Business Meeting

ERG Crisis Management can help you to prepare your business leaders for crises and help to develop your crisis management capability, thereby improving your ability to respond effectively to catastrophes, as they happen. By doing so business continuity and disaster recovery plans can be put into effect, thereby mitigating damage and losses, and importantly enabling you to return to business as usual, as quickly as possible.

ERG can assist by;

  • Designing and delivering bespoke crisis exercises, designed to test your current state, to provide an opportunity to reflect, and to develop your organisation's resilience

  • Educate your organisations management, to ensure that they are prepared to lead during crises

  • Work with you to design an appropriate crisis communications plan and system

  • Improve your ability to respond, by helping you to ensure that your policies and procedures are appropriate and robust enough to enable you to take effective action

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