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In a business environment which challenges the ability of organisations to successfully expand, frontier markets may offer growth and potentially compelling investment opportunities that satisfy investor demand. However, it should be recognised that high risks are attached to entering these markets. A plethora of concerns exist including heightened security risks and inadequate security provisions, adopted business practices, working conditions, market liquidity and overall suitability for investors.  Countries have their own systemic challenges, ranging from potentially incapable governments to disparate social structures. Time spent on investigating business opportunities thoroughly can therefore save you time, money, mitigate the risks to the reputation of your organisation and crucially keep your employees safe.

Our business intelligence solutions team collect, process, analyze, and present business information, which supports you to make better business decisions, in response to identified enterprise risks. This can include detailed open-source intelligence (OSINT) gathering, social network mapping, deep web dives, due diligence reports on businesses prior to potential acquisitions, reports on potential markets or Agents within a particular region.

The ERG process:
The enterprise security risk management approach to entering a new industry or market location will initially involve identifying, communicating, and categorizing risks so that resources can be optimally allocated. After this stage has been concluded, decisions can be made regarding the deployment and the management of resources. This will ensure effective;

  • Facilities Management

  • Executive Protection

  • Safe Movement of Personnel

  • Premises Security

  • Asset Security

  • Information Security

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