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BI & Market Reconnaissance
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Our team of industry experts can use a range of OSINT and human sources to develop customised intelligence products to inform:

  • Business Planning & Decisions

  • Travel Security Risk Management Plans

  • Threat Assessments

  • Due Diligence / Background Checks of People or Entities

  • Intellectual Property & Trade Secret Protection


The intelligence cycle is a model that describes the process by which data and information can be meaningfully converted or developed into intelligence that will benefit an organisation. In terms of security, the intelligence cycle is the process by which information about threats to an organisation is gathered and assessed to determine the likelihood that they may be realised.


The cycle is an iterative process by which information is gathered, analysed, and activated to remove or reduce the vulnerability to threats, according to the following phases of the process:

i) Direction

We will work with you to determine the policy and security issues in which intelligence will contribute to the improved performance of your organisation. 

In the media

ii) Collection


Our business intelligence solutions team collects information through detailed open-source intelligence (OSINT) gathering, social network mapping, deep web dives, due diligence reports on businesses prior to potential acquisitions, reports on potential markets or agents within a particular region.

iii) Processing & Exploitation 

Information will be transformed and categorised into a form that can be stored and analysed.

Evolving Cyber Threats

2020 was a year of unprecedented societal disruption, with COVID-19 lockdowns having a profound effect on the way consumers access goods and services. Along with lockdown came an inevitable increase in the risk of fraud, as opportunistic criminals took advantage of the crisis to target the unsuspecting and vulnerable. 

iv) Analysis & Production 

It is only after the effective analysis of information that the product of intelligence is made available. Information gathered will be integrated, analysed and evaluated in order to establish its significance and any associated implications. Patterns can be interpreted in terms of their significance to an operational domain.


v. Dissemination

The finished intelligence product is passed to you for application, in the agreed format.

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