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Resilience is a critical resource for individuals and organisations facing adversity. When external events disrupt the normal flow of organisational and relational routines and practices, an organisation’s latent capacity to rebound activities and bounce back to business as usual has been referred to as organisational resilience. Organisations need to invest time and resource in developing resilience equally across business areas.



Developing Crisis Resilience


High reliability organisations have been observed to possess effective processes for anticipating, managing, and preventing crises to produce safety. The resulting resilience is a critical resource for individuals and organisations facing adversity. The resilience develops a series of enabling conditions, including competence, growth, and efficacy. In addition to resilience in supply chains and technology, resilience within organisations is also increased through social connections.


Large scale crises may force organisations to make immediate changes to the way that organisations work and potentially influence the long-term views of both organisations and individuals about roles and responsibilities within crisis management teams. Organisations have historically responded to such crisis states by forming crisis management teams (CMT) to take responsibility for planning and response during crisis periods and prior to the Covid-19 pandemic may typically have consisted of representatives from security, legal, finance and insurance, public relations, human resources, logistics, health and safety, administration and operations. Changes to the structure of many organisations, commonly involving the adoption of agile matrix networks within which employees move between teams when particular skills are required by projects, alongside an increased prevalence in the adoption of home working, may have required for crisis management teams to have been formed quickly and with individuals that did not possess experience of operating in such conditions.







ERG can help your organisation to review its existing crisis management structures, form new roles and responsibilities within your business and crucially by ensuring that team members feel confident in their crisis roles. In addition, crisis resilience introduces new understanding for the potential of how organisations and organisational systems begin the healing process after trauma or major disaster, restore important and critical organisational relationships, and re-establish and strengthen organisational practices that promote effectiveness through relational processes. Our consultants can work with you to begin a larger process of healing and rehabilitation following crisis and traumatic events.