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Resilience is a critical resource for both individuals and organisations. 

When external events disrupt the normal flow of routines and practices, a latent capacity to rebound activities and bounce back to a positive state or to 'business as usual' has been referred to as resilience. 



STAY&BLE uses Organisational Psychology to identify motivations, enablers, and the effects of positive organisational patterns, so that we may find ways to capitalise on their existence.


Adopting a psychologically informed approach, STAY&BLE can help to answer questions about how to develop employee strengths, foster resilience and bring healing to the work environment.


Image by Marvin Meyer

Offering cultural support, STAY&BLE can help your organisation to reflect on its existing form, identify development opportunities and crucially help to ensure that team members feel confident in their roles, at all times.


In addition, our leading role in developing the area of crisis resilience introduces new understanding for the potential of how organisations and organisational systems begin the healing process after trauma or major disaster, restore important and critical organisational relationships, and re-establish and strengthen practices that promote effectiveness through relational processes.


Our consultants can work with you to begin a larger process of healing and rehabilitation following crisis and traumatic events.

STAY&BLE was created to help people, teams and organisations prepare, prevent, respond, manage and recover from crises effectively.

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