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Emerging Risks Global


Paul Wood

Following distinguished service with the Royal Marines and U.K. military, specialising in surveillance and reconnaissance, Paul led global security and intelligence operations for both government services and agencies, before leading the design and development of physical, information and personnel security solutions and strategies for a large number of high profile locations and corporate clients. A globally recognised leader in the design of systems designed to mitigate human risk factors, Paul’s vision for Emerging Risks Global is to become an organisations’ security partner of choice, recognised for enabling the development of effective security and resilience postures and positive security cultures within a group network.


Wayne Grove

A seasoned international security specialist with in excess of 30 years of experience, spanning military, private and public sector environments, Wayne possesses full-spectrum security expertise, across high - risk and hostile environments, as well as those deemed to be permissive. Notably, Wayne has designed security culture programs and training evolutions, designed to increase the security-mindedness and vigilance levels of boutique businesses and global cooperations alike. Wayne passionately believes in the benefits that ERG can offer organisations, as their trusted security and resilience, advisory partner.



Robert Barnett

Following a military career in the Royal Marine Commandos, where he specialised in surveillance and reconnaissance, Robert utilised his experience of leadership in high-risk and hostile global environments, to support the management of challenging projects in the commercial sector. Robert has demonstrated his deep experience in physical security, in both public and private environments, through supporting multiple projects across the EMEA region. Epitomising the ERG values, Robert is committed to ensuring that security services are adaptable to change and delivered with integrity.

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