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People are our greatest asset. As a business advisory partner specialising in security, risk, and resilience, our team of experts from intelligence, military, law enforcement and corporate backgrounds, support global enterprises and government organisations to identify threats, mitigate risks, manage incidents and to overcome crises.

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The evolving shape of modern geopolitics and business
continues to flux.

The rise of a multipolar world has redistributed power
at the global stage. 

New actors, factors and considerations are emerging. Geopolitics will
be increasingly influenced by geo-economics and geo-technology. 

The end result is perhaps indeterminable.

A new world disorder?

With the arrival of the age of disruption, organisations
that thrive on disorder may do well in the short term, while
those that invest in stability may well define the future of
industry and wider geopolitical and social expectations.

Emerging Risks Global. Helping you to navigate this increasingly complex world.

Risks are everywhere.

ERG can provide business intelligence to support decision-making and design strategic solutions to support your business to achieve its objectives and crucially to reduce the likelihood of failure.


By taking appropriate steps to identify areas that are both relevant and pertinent to you, measures can be implemented to support you to succeed, where others cannot.


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