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Corporate Investigations


The people that work for an organization are its biggest asset. They may, however, also be its biggest threat. An insider is someone who misuses legitimate access, to commit a malicious act or to damage their employer. Although the outcome may not always be intended by the individual, the outcomes are no less harmful to an organization.


In addition to the damage caused by otherwise innocuous activities, infiltrators and other malicious actors may attempt to harm organizations or exploit another to do so on their behalf. While these activities have traditionally taken the form of the physical theft of property or information, insider acts now commonly involve the exploitation of an organizations ICT structures.


ERG Investigators are highly experienced in managing serious and complex criminal and civil investigations and can offer a range of services to support you if you suspect an internal threat to your organization.


Our services include;

  • Ÿ  Intelligence gathering

  • Ÿ  Investigations and case management

  • Ÿ  Surveillance

  • Ÿ  IT Forensics

  • Ÿ  Financial investigations


If internal threats and damaging activities are identified, ERG can support your internal investigations through gathering and analyzing evidence, constructing case files and presenting investigation findings. These investigations are conducted in accordance with the highest ethical standards, in order to protect your reputation.

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